Gothenburg, in love!

Hello, my friends

It has been a while…

What can I say…I am currently going insane from not being able to work more with photography. I have tried to pull myself together to be able to post these sets of photographs. I have been waiting to do this series for a long time.

It is my dedication to the city,

and to love, just love, love each other, love the other, love yourself, love your brother, love your mother, love life, love the people, if you love everyone and everything; how can you go wrong?

I have not lived in Gothenburg all my life, but for the most part of it, and now I am moving.

I guarantee you that if you come here, you will find love, love for the city.

The city inside the garden, with the big river in the middle, thats what Gothenburg looks like.

And for those of us that enjoy the art of photography, the city offer amazing perspectives.

Just bring your camera, your good eye, and you are set…



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