Gothenburg, in love!!! Part III

Hello, my friends

Here is the third and final set of my dedication to the city.

As all of you, my intelligent friends, probably already understand, is that the collection is biased. Everything in Gothenburg is not always nice and romantic, but I just wanted to focus on something positive… There is too much negativity in our societies. Everywhere I go in the world, it’s the same.

Please people, let’s love and respect each other.

Also, I believe that any experience is subjective, so any place in the world could potentially be the most romantic place in the world, why not Gothenburg, and therefore the bold title!

Please people, try to understand; if we take war and hate out of the way of how we imagine a beautiful society to be, there would be no more of the things we witness in the news every night.


6 thoughts on “Gothenburg, in love!!! Part III

    1. Thank you so much, my friend!!
      Sometime maybe, we as photographers, need to show the awful things that is going on in our world to raise awareness. But, I am struggling with these questions, because I think humans interpret photographs symbolically and most certainly emotionally. Photographs are not as innocent and powerless as most people might think. If we see awful images everywhere it might put fear in our hearts and fear is the route to most evil.

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