Lady and the Mekong river.

lady and mekong

Vientiane, Laos.

What would street photography be without people…?

For me, it’s all about the people. I need people in my photos and if I don’t I get bored. Even when I’m photographing a sunset in south-east Asia I want someone to be in my picture. If you go to my website you will see that 99% of the photos that I choose for my collections always have people in them. I think it makes pictures more interesting and more easily relatable when people are ‘dancing’ in them. If you talk to a lot of photographers that are interested in making music or dance as well as taking pictures they will tell you how closely related photography is to music and dance.

That’s why I always would like to have people in beautiful movements in my pictures, like a dance, or like they are moving ‘on beat’ with the rest of the geometry of the image. For me, a photograph is like a poem without words but instead of words the image touches us with geometric compositions, shadow and light, color… Just like how important it is to include or not include some words in your poem to make it more impactful in a similar way it is absolutely crucial what you choose to include or not include in your images. It works the same with music. The silence in a song and its timing is equally important as the sounds that make up the song…

Of course, you also have to be in a certain mood when you photograph the streets. You have to play a song inside you. You have to feel it…It’s almost like falling in love…

4 thoughts on “Lady and the Mekong river.

  1. Beautifully put! I completely agree with your point of view. I think you eloquently and organically conveyed the beauty of this process. Thank you 🙂

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