Traveling and photography.

Travel and photography

Sukhothai, Thailand.

Travel and photography are almost becoming synonymous.

I have difficulty imagining anyone travelling anywhere and not taking pictures. Why not? We all want to keep our beautiful memories (and possibly brag on Facebook…I would never do such a thing but I’m just saying…).

In these high tech times smartphones has made us all photographers. Even the very few that usually didn’t want to bring cameras when they travelled have no more excuses. Sometimes, it has happened that I travel just to photograph. I get a lot of complaints from my beloved and patient wife but I love photographing so much that it is uncontrollable. I love how it feels like the images from our trip prolong our journey. When I come home and start editing my pictures all the memories comes back to me. Although arguably, I do not think that images portray reality in a very good way. Memories fade, yes, and pictures are static and two dimensional so they last as objects. However, pictures are an abstract construct, forever ambiguous and with time they get more and more abstract and disconnected from reality. For now, photographs are the best we have to help us keep our memories in a shoe box or a photo album but perhaps in the future, with the help of technology, we will have better options.

Everybody has their own reason for why they take pictures on their journeys. Some people sell images on stock, some publish books, some have exhibitions and some just like to collect pieces of the world like I do.

If you like travelling and photography please leave a comment and explain why you like to photograph while you travel. Can you imagine not bringing a camera on you next journey?

4 thoughts on “Traveling and photography.

  1. I used my iPhone 6 to take photos in Thailand. I wish I had a better camera!

    I like to take photos to remember the things that I saw on a trip. For me, it’s less about the photo of the thing itself and more about the way the object is photographed. There is an artistic part of me that tries to capture whatever I am seeing in a way that gives it the most alive and natural look. This makes the act of photographing fun for me.

  2. There is no way I would leave my camera at home!
    Although sometimes I feel that there are certain things best experienced rather than photographed.

    1. I know, right! If I would leave my camera at home my fingers would get so itchy and I would start sweating if I saw a golden moment and missed photographing it :). However, you are right about that somethings needs to be experienced and not necessarily photographed. Thank you for taking the time to comment!

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