Time travel


Vientiane, Laos
For me, the hardest thing about street photography is to get the calamity of the forever in one frame.
The interesting thing about photography in general and its relationship to time is that time materialises photographs and photographs in turn materialise time…Photographs have the ability to capture time and make a material object of it. The only way time itself can look at itself in the mirror.
In a way photographs also remind us of our own ever encroaching end.

Lady on bike


Vientiane, Laos.

The first time I travelled to Laos was in 2005. It was on my honeymoon…Yes, I am that weird…I went to Laos for my honeymoon and I loved it.

The first thing that happened to me and my wife when we arrived in Laos was when I stepped out of the rickshaw and the driver offered to sell me a huge bag of cannabis. I politely declined. Later that night, going out for dinner and some Beer Lao, I started to think about that incident and it made me realise that lao people are so humble and polite. Not even the weed dealing rickshaw driver was threatening or rude.

We travelled around Laos for a month and it was amazing.

During that journey I felt like I was struggling a lot with my photography. I was a novice and I was shooting film. I couldn’t see any progress until much later. Luckily, I did a lot of shooting so I managed to get a few keepers on black and white film.

Appart from the misty mountains and the beautiful rivers I really like the dignity of the lao people. They are so friendly and never pushy. You can have your own space and create your experience the way you want it. If you have a philosophical nature and you like to contemplate Laos is the place for you. Laos is culturally rich but quiet and serene.


Ladies and umbrellas


Vientiane, Laos

…In photography, when you lose yourself in the moment you can go back and forth at the same time.

You can go back and forth as much as you want…As long as you have an umbrella you will be fine.


Bike, boy and river


Vientiane, Laos.

Sometimes, the light is better when the sun has already set. Although, you must be willing to play with it…the light, if you are not quick it will run away from you and you might be left lost in the dark…

Once in Vientiane, you must also mind the river. Just put the river on your mind before you arrive and stay close to it.

In the coming days I will post some images from Vientiane, Laos. Most of them will be included in a collection of images I have been working on for the past 6 months. The collection is named The Forgotten capital. I will give you more information about the collection and my work as we go along.

Unfortunately, I have no prints for sale of this collection nor can I have an exhibition yet…there is no money. However, I’m working on it. Someone, tell my wife.





Bangkok Night

tuk-tuk driver

Bangkok, Thailand.

Bangkok nights are spectacular!

If you are thinking about going just go! Don’t think twice. I have been there many times and every time I go I always have lots of fun. I also love photographing Bangkok. There are so many things to photograph on the streets and in the temples. Most people don’t mind when you take their picture and for the most part Thai people are very friendly. Beware of the Tuk Tuk drivers though, they can be tricky. (Tuk Tuk is the Thai name for motorized rickshaws).

Boat and the Gulf of Thailand.

Boat and the gulf of Thailand

Koh Chang, Thailand.

Stayed there for 19 days once. Absolutely loved it.

This island of the east is very photogenic, quiet and peaceful. In the center of the island it is quite untouched so if you are into birdwatching or other island rainforest activity you are going to enjoy it there. It is a much quieter place than many other thai tourist destinations but that was what I liked about the place the most.

Go there and buy a hammock, listen to the waves and eat delicious thai food.

Men and Umbrella.

Men and Umbrella

Vientiane, Laos.

One of the most amazing places I have ever been to is Laos.

This image is from Vientiane, the capitol city. The most busy place in Laos but still this charming city gives you a small town feeling. Vientiane is probably the quietest capitol city in south -east Asia. Laos, as a travelling destination is one of the most peaceful countries I have visited. The first time I went there was on my honeymoon with my wife. We stayed there for a month and traveled from Vientiane to the border of southern China and later also into China from there. We visited many other countries during that excursion but Laos will forever have a special place in my heart.

Laos has a population of 6,6 million so it also makes it one of the greenest places I have visited.

Me and my wife have a thing for handmade silk so we rented a motorcycle and drove up the mountains to buy the silk directly from the ladies in the villages that make them. Luckily for us my wife is great at reading maps! We drove to many villages and every time we saw one of those weaving tables under their wooden huts we stopped and knocked on the door. It was a great way to see the country and also to meet so many locals. Most importantly we wanted the families to get the money from us directly instead of selling the silk cheap to some middleman that would probably underpay them for all their work.

If you are ever interested in going there I really recommend it. Laos is absolutely magical with all the diverse cultures living there and the glory of its rainforests and waterfalls should high up on anybodies bucket list.

If you are interested in going and you want some travelling advice just write me a comment or email me from my website.

Gothenburg, impressions – Part I

Hello, dear friends!

I hope all is well with you and that you are realising all your dreams.

It seems impossible for me to post often and regularly. You have to apologise me for that.

But, it’s better to post something sometimes rather than never, don’t you think?

In this post I am going to show you some general impressions of Gothenburg. Trust me, just because I categorise these impressions as general, it does not mean that I have not put any effort in the collection or editing of these images. My back is soar from sitting in front of the computer for so long at a time. My wife had to massage me for an hour because of the pain. I feel much better now, especially since the collection and organisation of this new series is done. However, only the first set that I am posting now is edited and ready for the web.

This series is divided in three sets and the theme is quite general, as mentioned earlier, but like most of my other post it has to do with human behaviour and environments.

Emotionally, this series has an roller-coaster effect on me…it has its dark moments but there is also light. Like everything else in this world. The photos has come about from me just wondering around with my camera, like I mostly do (and enjoy doing). As you will probably notice when viewing the images, my intention has not been to show you the obvious and unquestionable, rather I would like you to think a little bit about what is going on in the images. Make up your own stories, if you please. What kind of place do you think Gothenburg is? What kind of people is living there and what are their interests?

My images will of course answer non of those questions objectively. They only represent the photographers subjective categorisation and perspective. You have to be the interpreter and paint them with your imagination.

I hope you enjoy the images and have a great weekend.




Gothenburg, in love!!! Part III

Hello, my friends

Here is the third and final set of my dedication to the city.

As all of you, my intelligent friends, probably already understand, is that the collection is biased. Everything in Gothenburg is not always nice and romantic, but I just wanted to focus on something positive… There is too much negativity in our societies. Everywhere I go in the world, it’s the same.

Please people, let’s love and respect each other.

Also, I believe that any experience is subjective, so any place in the world could potentially be the most romantic place in the world, why not Gothenburg, and therefore the bold title!

Please people, try to understand; if we take war and hate out of the way of how we imagine a beautiful society to be, there would be no more of the things we witness in the news every night.



Kromeriz, Czech Republic.

Sometimes, we end up in places that suddenly change mood…It goes from being a regular stroll to something unexpected and even magical, some kind of dreamscape appears! One of my most favourite things about photography is that it helps me preserve those moments.

But, sometimes I do wonder; does the dreamscapes exist within us, or are they something detached from the soul? Is it about being in the right mood to receive the beauty of the universe, can I train myself? Or, is the universe having a magical impact on me at the moment?!? How come when I view some photographers portfolios, they are all filled with magical moments? Are they constantly walking into dreamscapes, while I have to search and search?!?