Umbrella and Royal Temple


Bangkok, Thailand.




Royal Temple



Wat Prah Kaew, Bangkok, Thailand.


Been searching for something, I have,

outside of the heart it was,

found it outside of the heart, I did not,

went back inside the heart,

there it was.

Bangkok Night

tuk-tuk driver

Bangkok, Thailand.

Bangkok nights are spectacular!

If you are thinking about going just go! Don’t think twice. I have been there many times and every time I go I always have lots of fun. I also love photographing Bangkok. There are so many things to photograph on the streets and in the temples. Most people don’t mind when you take their picture and for the most part Thai people are very friendly. Beware of the Tuk Tuk drivers though, they can be tricky. (Tuk Tuk is the Thai name for motorized rickshaws).

On the road again.

mirror reflection and streets

Outside of Bangkok, Thailand.

My great grandfather used to tell my mother that people that travel do not age…

I love travelling with a passion…and last time I was travelling I spent a year in Thailand. It was absolutely amazing. For a european with a passion for exotic locations, cultures and mixing that with a passion for photography Thailand becomes a dream destination.